‚ÄčLa Mision Property Owners Association, Baja Norte 

Annual Meeting &

2017-18 Budget Documents

2017-18 BUDGET - 2017 Meeting Documents

2017 Annual Meeting was held September 2nd, 2017

At the HOA meeting held Sept. 2nd, the following people were voted into office:

President (2 yr term) David Worthy 
Treasurer  (1 yr term) Marla Poggi
Secretary (1 yr term) Cathryn Grosvenor

Mark Johnson, Vice President, has 1 more year on his term in office.

The 2017-2018 La Mision Board:
David Worthy President - david@bajaworthy.com
Mark Johnson V. President - mark-mcc@pacbelll.net 
Cathryn Grosvenor Secretary - grosvenorcathryn@yahoo.com
Marla Poggioli Treasurer - marlapoggi@yahoo.com

Thank you again for all your support