March 2018 - President's Letter

 Dear LMPOA Members and Non-member Property Owners/Residents:

 Since becoming President of LMPOA five months ago, I have discovered that some residents are confused about issues regarding our

 community finances, including:

 • What our LMPOA dues do and do not cover
 • Why we pay two separate categories of expenses (one for LMPOA dues and the other for Security fees)
 • Why there are different Security fee amounts paid on the Loma compared to the Playa, and 
 • How the finances for the Loma and the Playa are handled.

 To set the record straight, here are the facts:

 LMPOA Dues:

  1. LMPOA dues paid by both the Loma residents and the Playa residents are aggregated into one fund with the Loma residents contributing 39% of the total amount and the Playa residents contributing 61% of the total amount this year. 
  2. LMPOA dues are used for administrative costs, legal fees, estuary and beach clean-up, and other expenses. To view the latest LMPOA budget statement, click here.
  3. LMPOA dues for both the Loma and the Playa are $120 per year per household. If you do not pay this amount annually, you are not a member of LMPOA and you have no voting rights. Overall, less than 49% of all homeowners pay the LMPOA dues of $120 per year per household.

 Security Fees:

  1. Security fees are accounted for separately for the Loma and the Playa. All Security fees collected from Loma residents are used solely for Loma expenses. Likewise, all Security fees collected from Playa residents are used solely for Playa expenses. 
  2. All Security fees are used solely for Security costs and road repairs, not for legal fees or any other purpose. To view the latest Loma  Security budget statement, click here. To view the latest Playa Security budget statement, click here.
  3. Security fees are different for the Loma and the Playa reflecting a lower resident participation in Security fee payments from the Loma  compared to the Playa (77% of Playa homeowners and 47% of Loma homeowners pay security fees) and resulting in a history of lower wages paid to the Loma guards:

 I trust this will help clarify these issues for all members of our community.


 David Worthy
 LMPOA President

 January 2018 - Message from David Worthy,  
 President, LMPOA 

 Greetings to all LMPOA Members, Owners, Renters and Visitors,

 I am so happy to be serving this community as president of LMPOA. The winter season is always special, but here in La Misión –

 where exquisite sunsets and sunrises bracket crisp starry nights and sparkling sunny days – this time is extra special. 

 We are so fortunate to call La Misión home, whether it’s our forever home or a temporary stop along the way. 

 As I continue the work of the prior LMPOA President, I am thankful for her hard work as well as that of all our volunteer board

 members. Being a member of the board is a voluntary position often accompanied by criticism, thankless hours, undue stress

 and very little gratitude. Thanks to all!

 My goals as president are to make LMPOA the best HOA in Northern Baja, to add to the security, safety and beauty of our community, and ultimately to help increase the value of our properties.

 Since joining the board in September, the board and I have been working on a number of fronts. Following are a few of our

 accomplishments to date: 

   • Hired new legal counsel with whom we are working to register our CC&Rs and address other pending matters.

      (CC&Rs are  expected to be made official by mid-January.)
   • Changed the policy to now open the gates for our disabled neighbors even if they do not pay security fees
   • Established clear job descriptions for our security personnel
   • Moved the Playa security camera monitoring system to the Playa security gatehouse
   • Restored the bathroom in the Playa nighttime security building.
   • Purchased uniforms for all the gate security personnel (and stayed within budget!) 

 Of course, there is much more to accomplish. Check back to this website for updates as well as budget information and more. In

 moving forward, it is my intention to operate in a completely transparent manner as well as follow best practices on how to  

 conduct HOAbusiness. 

 Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve this special community and I look forward to meeting and getting to know as

 many of you as possible.

 David Worthy

​La Mision Property Owners Association, Baja Norte 

a. Loma Security fees are $600/year or $50/month. If paid by October 15 for the upcoming year, the amount is $500 ($100 off).
b. Playa Security fees are $900/year or $75/month. If paid by October 15 for the upcoming year, the amount is $800 ($100 off). Note that  higher security fees and greater participation on the part of Playa homeowners has enabled the Playa to pay its guards more and add a roaming night guard, which may be what accounts for the lower incidence of break-ins, car thefts and other crimes on the Playa compared to the Loma.Type your paragraph here.


March 2018

January 2018