To serve on the LMPOA Board, you must be a homeowner and a member in good standing which means you pay the HOA fee of $120.00 a year plus the annual security fee ($900 - Playa/ $700 - Hill ($100 off either for payment by 10/15).

The 2018-2019 La Mision Board:

Steve Zimney, President - szimney@zimney.com
Bev Wilburn, Vice President - bev@progressivepub.com
Sandy Stadelmann, Secretary -
Marla Poggioli, Treasurer - marlapoggi@yahoo.com

The Estuary

Ever blooming and lovely flora and fauna from the beach to the mountaintops - beauty abounds everywhere.

The Mountains

Savor the breathtaking scenes of the Estuary, Valley and Mountain Range abundant from many different points of view. 

The Beach

Daytime plaground and a sunset haven. The playa la mision beach is a unique and enchanting place.

​La Mision Property Owners Association, Baja Norte 

Images from La Mision


la Playa Entrance

Security and safety are key to a great experience in la Mision. LMPOA works to make our community safe and secure.



HOA & Security Fees

HOA & Security Fees

HOA Fees


02. la Playa Security Fees

*Monthly payers do not get security stickers but will get a monthly pass for the month(s) paid.

03. "Hill" Security Fees 

Don't forget to enter your La Mision address in the message box so your payment can be recorded correctly.

To Pay by Mail:

PO Box 43-9060
PMB #840 
San Diego, CA 92143